BREAKING: Fans Riot After Controversial How I Met Your Mother Finale

How I Met Your Mother Fans took to the streets shortly after the CBS series ended showing their contempt for the controversial series finale. Many users couldn’t contain their dissatisfaction merely to the internet and found a more physical outlet for their anger. Police responded to the scene shortly after receiving complaints of fires, vandalism and rioting.

The riots began almost immediately after the end of the finale, sweeping the country. Calls to action on Twitter, such as the ones below began popping up asking for meeting places to stage the riots:

The hashtag #occupycbs quickly popped up and gained traction. Many users were meeting up through that hashtag to find their fellow rioters.

How I Met Your Mother Fans Riot After Season Finale Video

One Fan-Turned-Rioter says “I heard about [the way How I Met Your Mother] ended on Twitter. I really don’t know what to think at this point. I’ve never really seen anything like this.” another vehemently proclaims “[The writers of the show] had to make a point. That was definitely not the way to do it.”



by Dillon R. Carpenter

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