New Son Army – musichatesyouall from Sojourners – New Ghost remixes volley III by Hate Dept.

My newest remix! Listen and enjoy!

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Dubstep Remix of the song from Hate Dept.‘s latest release New Ghost. Featured on the album Sojourners.

Download and Stream the whole album here:

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The Muppets – Popcorn (musichatesyouall Remix)

The Muppets – Popcorn (musichatesyouall Remix)

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BREAKING: Fans Riot After Controversial How I Met Your Mother Finale

How I Met Your Mother Rioters Face Off with Police

How I Met Your Mother Fans took to the streets shortly after the CBS series ended showing their contempt for the controversial series finale. Many users couldn’t contain their dissatisfaction merely to the internet and found a more physical outlet for their anger. Police responded to the scene shortly after receiving complaints of fires, vandalism and rioting.

The riots began almost immediately after the end of the finale, sweeping the country. Calls to action on Twitter, such as the ones below began popping up asking for meeting places to stage the riots:

The hashtag #occupycbs quickly popped up and gained traction. Many users were meeting up through that hashtag to find their fellow rioters.

How I Met Your Mother Fans Riot After Season Finale Video

One Fan-Turned-Rioter says “I heard about [the way How I Met Your Mother] ended on Twitter. I really don’t know what to think at this point. I’ve never really seen anything like this.” another vehemently proclaims “[The writers of the show] had to make a point. That was definitely not the way to do it.”



by Dillon R. Carpenter

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Daniel Licht – Blood Theme from Dexter musichatesyouall Dubstep Remix

Ok so, I just finished the 1st season of Dexter. I guess you could say I got a little inspired. Comment with your favorite Dexter moments and quotes (no spoilers, please!), like if you do, and share with a fellow Dexter fan!

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Miley Cyrus’ New Adore You Video – Naked Everywhere but the Bathtub.

Screenshot from Miley's New Video - Adore You

Miley Cyrus has just released her newest video “Adore You” and it’s just as risqué as her other recent release “Wrecking Ball“. Although, not completely naked in this video, her “outfit” doesn’t leave much to the imagination – except for when she’s in the bath tub. The video depicts Miley between the sheets with a handheld camera singing to us about how much she adores us with as much awkward eye contact as possible. What will Miley do next? Comment below with your guess. Follow the link or watch the video below to view the new video in its entirety.

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Cowboy’s Playoff Picture

Dallas Cowboys Beat Redskins 24-23; NFC East Playoff Picture

Looks like the Cowboys made up for their less than perfect game against the Packers last week. Tony Romo produced a heroic performance to lead the Dallas Cowboys past the Washington Redskins in Week 16. Romo, whose performance last week left much to be desired, erased a nine-point fourth-quarter deficit to help the Cowboys take the game. The Redskins defense failed to keep constant pressure on Romo, who buckles under the pressure of a slight headache.


The general feel of the game was that Romo had way too much time to make plays, and then he made them. Romo tied the game when he threw to DeMarco Murray for a 10 yard touchdown, with Bailey capping it off for a one point lead. In their last possession, Redskins special teams draw a penalty putting undue pressure on their offense. After the Redskins’ quick last possession, Romo kneels for the win.

With this win under their belt, the Cowboys take 2nd in the NFC east to battle the Eagles next Sunday on SNF to secure their first playoff chance since 2009, which was, coincidentally, against the Eagles. With both teams coming from a win, this will be an exciting regular season finale.

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“If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling” – Paul Walker


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